Quirky crew.

Meet our team where normal is just a setting on the dryer! We're a blend of creativity, chuckles, and a touch of the unexpected. Get to know us, and see how our unique quirks can bring brilliance to your projects!
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Welcome to Dyer Media Group, where our slightly quirky, highly tech-savvy team of creators and developers thrive on innovation and originality. At the core of our approach is a passion for emerging tech that delivers a standout digital experience. Our workspace buzzes with energy as we toss around ideas that defy convention, push boundaries, and set new benchmarks in all areas of our business.

Whether it’s leveraging the latest technology to enhance user experience or employing unconventional strategies to solve traditional problems, we ensure that every project is a reflection of our unique creative spirit. Partner with Dyer Media Group, and let us bring your digital vision to life with a flair that is anything but ordinary. Dare to Be Different with us, and experience the extraordinary.
Connecting with our customers for over 25 years
With over 25+ years in the business, Dyer Media Group brings extensive knowledge and expertise to every project. We have grown our company with a dedicated group of talented believers in the notion that simple, old fashioned service and value still ring true. Dyer Media Group has focused our company on delivering the best value and customer service experience for our customers while providing real business value in an ever changing technical world.  We're everyday people who love creativity, sharing laughs, and adding a touch of the unexpected to everything we do.  Get to know us and see how our different and genuine approach can bring brilliance to your projects!


Tamera Dyer
Tamera DyerCo-Founder, Owner
Charles Dyer
Charles DyerCo-Founder, Owner
Jackie Dras
Jackie DrasWeb Developer & Graphic Designer
Emily Dyer
Emily DyerGraphic Designer, Content Creator & Social Media Expert
Randy Duckworth
Randy DuckworthBusiness Consult & Google Business Expert

Are you ready to drop the mic on your competition?

At Dyer Media Group, we embrace our mantra, "Dare to be Different," to provide unique and compelling services that set you apart. Let us help you drop the mic with strategies that will leave your competition behind. Let's create something legendary together.